Access and Manage all the information you need in one single place:

  1. Register your users
  2. Manage alarms without the need of an Alarm Receiving Centre
  3. Select multiple operations and apply to a specific group of users
  4. Access your end users event history
  5. Make all administration changes and operations

User friendly platform which gives you quick access to SOS Alarms, Real Time Location Status and Safety Areas

  1. Identify users' location
  2. Set up safety areas (geofencing)
  3. Setup procedures to deal with emergencies
User Reports

In a few clicks you can personalise reports to closely and strategically monitor your end users which could be key decision-making data

  1. Users managed
  2. Profiles managed
  3. Web Self Care* access report

*Web self care is the Assisted Remote Management Platform

True-Kare offers end-to-end data protection from the hardware to the online platforms and apps. This helps you minimise the risk of confidential and legally protected user information being exposed to online threats



Devices Management

To keep your users safe you can check the device stats. This allows you to have full control over which devices are syncing, not syncing and powered off. It also shows you whether the users service is activated or disabled and all device battery status


A Small and Compact GPS tracker which does not attract attention as it can be easily concealed in clothing, bags or pockets


Stigma-free personal emergency device, which is wearable and designed to be small and compact, providing the user with all-round protection



Your professional business management platform, designed for Institutions, Monitoring Centres, Healthcare Companies or Care Providers enabling you to manage devices and end users remotely

  1. Monitor alarms of all your customers
  2. Search and manage each individual user
  3. Manage alarms without the need of an Alarm Receiving Centre
  4. Select multiple operations which apply to specific groups of users
  5. Make administration operations for all users on the system

Is your non business management platform, especially designed if you are a carer or a small organisation keeping you remotely connected with your end-users, family and caregivers

  1. Setup procedures to deal with emergencies
  2. Identify the user location
  3. Set up safety areas (geofencing)

App Available on all iOS & Android devices

Both platforms follow the highest standards of security, reliability and comply with the specific standards within the industry. Both are open source platforms enabling them to be interconnected to other ARC’s and professional platforms

  1. Open source platforms
  2. Interconnect to other ARC’s and professional platforms
  3. App available on all iOS & Android devices

Benefits of becoming a partner

Attract New Segments

Combining True-Kare’s web-based apps and services enables you to appeal to a much wider target group, attracting new potential customers to your organisation

Improve Service Quality

Improve the quality of service you offer and make a valuable contribution to the well being of your clients/customers adding piece of mind for their relatives, providing extended care and helping prevent and unwanted emergencies

Leverage Brand Value

Leverage your brand value by offering the most advanced service within the industry, offering open source platforms customised to your business

Provide Support

Provide your customer support with the most advanced tools, regardless of the customers location

Reduce Costs

Decrease the cost with your high-risk customers by reducing risk of emergency hospitalisation, offering quick response in the case of emergencies and enable medication adherence

Increase Productivity

Simplifying and automating most of your in-house processes with our software packages and service features

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